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Grey Board, Kraft Board ( Roll )


Grey Board, Kraft Board ( Sheet )

Grey Board by sheets Gray Board is distinct from what is simply called paper, because Gray Board is made up of multiple layers of paper bonded together to make a sturdy, board-like product. Grey Boaard weighs more than regular paper. It is thicker and more rigid. As a result, Gray Board is better suited to a variety of packaged products. About 70 percent of paperboard packaging is used to protect consumer goods. Kraft Board by sheets Kraft Board is paper made essentially from wood pulp produced by a modified sulfate pulping process. The word kraft is from the German word for "strong." It is a comparatively coarse paper particularly noted for its strength, and in unbleached grades is primarily used as a wrapper or packaging material. Kraft Board can be watermarked, striped, or calendered, and it has an acceptable surface for printing. Its natural unbleached color is brown but by the use of semibleached or fully bleached sulfate pulps it can be produced in lighter shades of brown, cream tints, and white.


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